Allied Health Professional (AHP) 
Long-Term Care (LTC) Certification
The NAPNES Allied Health Professional (AHP) 
Long-Term Care (LTC) Certification
Is a comprehensive program covering the entire lifespan of individuals considered elderly and/or chronically ill.  The program is a new certification for NAPNES and includes unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) for the AHP LTC.  Medical math is an integral component of this certification program. 
NAPNES Approved for 35 CE Hours
And includes all age groups with chronic illness because while the certification program and exam cover nursing care in geriatrics, the content also has broader appeal for excellence in nursing care for all age groups with chronic illnesses. AHP LTC designation confirms to employers that the candidate is knowledgeable in long-term care and is engaged in skill-building.

The AHP LTC course reviews or introduces participants to the concepts, skills, and techniques associated with geriatric and long-term care (LTC) nursing. The curriculum includes theory related to the nursing care of geriatric patients in order to provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment for the LTC, chronically ill patient. The certification program includes a review of anatomy and physiology and therapeutic/modified diets for health needs.
Being certified in long-term care shows employers, colleagues, patients and the public that you are committed to excellence in caring for people considered elderly and/or chronically ill. This learned and earned professional expertise, brings increased credibility, higher employability, and a personal sense of achievement. 
Approved courseware for LPN/LVN Post Licensure; CNA, PCT, HHA and other Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (we consider Allied Health Professionals) in Long Term Care.
With CNA NursingPrep, you can offer CNA 
candidates or your entire team a complete, 
current CNA course curriculum, 
while your facility provides 
the hands-on portion of training.
This course if for you if you have earned your LVN/LPN and you’re not ready—or not planning—to earn your RN, but you want to increase your skills, knowledge, and income as a nurse. One great way is to earn specialized LPN certifications in your areas of interest.

Specialized LVN / LPN certifications demonstrate that you have specific expertise in a certain area. Earning one or more can open doors to opportunities that you may not have without them. Earning a specialized lpn certification has many benefits for your career because it:
  •  Gives you more earning potential
  •  Makes you more marketable to prospective employers
  •  Allows you to work in the health care niche you enjoy most*
NAPNES CertPrep's Provides
  •  Accessible:  24/7 online access for 6 months
  • Flexible: Study anytime, on any device, anywhere there is internet access. 
  •  Knowledge: Syllabus, reference textbook, Powerpoint lectures,  focus outlines, guided assignments and quizzes broken down into manageable chunks of information.
  •  Confidence:  Know that you are prepared with self-assessment tools including quizzes, exams and a final exam that are designed to be retaken until you are confident that you have mastered the material.

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