Principles of Pharmacology & 
Medication Administration
 NAPNES Approved Courseware for LPN/LVN 
Post Licensure in IV (Intravenous) Therapy.
The IV Therapy Certification Program is a wonderful opportunity for LPNs/LVNs who want to improve and enhance their IV skills for practice to the limits of their states’ fullest extent to their Nurse Practice Act. 
Medical math is an integral component of this certification program. 
NAPNES Approved for 45 CE Hours. 
This course prepares an LPN/LVN to enhance their practice skills in IV Therapy. Any LPN/LVN who is interested in IV therapy, phlebotomy and expanding their practice skills will benefit greatly from an IV Therapy Certification. This is an investment that will differentiate you from your peers and can earn you great rewards.  

Our course guides you through Powerpoint presentations, matching activities, skills outlines, self-assessment quizzes and the final exam. By purchasing the required texts, you will also have access to a video library which demonstrates the required skills needed to pass the State licensure exam which you can then practice at home.
NAPNES Certification in IV Therapy shows employers, colleagues, patients, and the public that you are committed to excellence in caring for people covering your achieved level of knowledge in IV Therapy. This learned and earned excellence includes increased professional credibility, recognition of your expertise, greater impact as a job candidate, and a heightened sense of personal achievement.
The NAPNES IV Therapy Certification prepares LPNs/LVNs to administer IV Therapy to the extent of their state’s Nurse Practice Act. 
With CNA NursingPrep, you can offer CNA 
candidates or your entire team a complete, 
current CNA course curriculum, 
while your facility provides 
the hands-on portion of training.
This course if for you if you have earned your LVN/LPN and you’re not ready—or not planning—to earn your RN, but you want to increase your skills, knowledge, and income as a nurse. One great way is to earn specialized LPN certifications in your areas of interest.

Specialized LVN / LPN certifications demonstrate that you have specific expertise in a certain area. Earning one or more can open doors to opportunities that you may not have without them. Earning a specialized lpn certification has many benefits for your career because it:
  •  Gives you more earning potential
  •  Makes you more marketable to prospective employers
  •  Allows you to work in the health care niche you enjoy most*
NAPNES CertPrep's Provides
  •  Accessible:  24/7 online access for 6 months
  • Flexible: Study anytime, on any device, anywhere there is internet access. 
  •  Knowledge: Syllabus, reference textbook, Powerpoint lectures,  focus outlines, guided assignments and quizzes broken down into manageable chunks of information.
  •  Confidence:  Know that you are prepared with self-assessment tools including quizzes, exams and a final exam that are designed to be retaken until you are confident that you have mastered the material.

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