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NAPNES-Approved Online Pharmacology Certificate Course Available Now
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napnes pharmacology online certificate course, napnes pharmacology study guide,
This certification program introduces LPNs/LVNs to the principles of pharmacology and medication administration. Drug classifications, medication assessment, procedures for administration, and dosage calculations of medications including a comprehensive review of mathematics used in nursing are covered.  
napnes long term care online certificate course, napnes Long term care,,
Long-Term Care
This certification program covers the  lifespan of individuals considered elderly and/or chronically ill. The focus of this course is to learn to provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment for the LTC patient. A review of A&P as well as basic nutrition is included. Pharmacological interventions and medications relevant to the long-term care patient are reviewed.   
napnes IV Therapy online certificate course, napnes IV Therapy study guide,
IV Therapy
This certification course covers basic concepts related to IV therapy including safety and quality in medication administration. A review of A&P as well as pharmacological interventions and commonly used medications are covered. A review of math for nursing and dosages and calculations are an integral part of this course.   
napnes Rehabilitation online certificate course, napnes Rehabilitation study guide,
This certification course focuses on concepts and skills relevant to those practicing rehab nursing. This course reviews A&P by body system as well as pharmacological interventions and commonly used medications relevant to the rehab nurse. Physical disabilities and chronic illnesses seen in rehabilitative nursing are covered in depth.   
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NAPNES online certification courses, napnes pharmacology study guide,
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NAPNES, the National Association of Practical Nurse Education and Service, is the oldest association that advocates the practice, education, and regulation of practical and vocational nurses. In fact, we are the organization that is responsible for the legislation that provides for the licensure, and education of practical nursing in the United States.

NAPNES Certifications are nationally-recognized and respected credentials which allow practical and vocational nurses to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, and to stand out among their peers within the nursing profession. NAPNES Certs Prep is the official provider of NAPNES Certification Courses.
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